Muslim Student Termed ‘Most Likely To Bomb The US’ In Yearbook

“I looked down and read, most likely to bomb the U.S. and I just sat there for a second and thought, no way. This is not happening,” said a parent.


A charter school in Arizona is under fire after its middle school yearbook featured discriminatory comments towards a Muslim student.

Sonoran Science Academy in Peoria, Arizona issued a yearbook in which a graduating eighth-grader, whose first name is Muslim, was voted “most likely to bomb the U.S.”

Yearbooks are published across schools in the United States which include names of graduating students along with a vote by classmates on “most likely to” to do a certain thing. Parents who saw the yearbook were understandably outraged.

Bree Brown’s 11-year-old daughter attends the school. She said she was shocked to see the comment under the boy’s picture.

“I looked down and read, most likely to bomb the U.S. and I just sat there for a second and thought, no way. This is not happening,” she said.

Her husband, Kian Brown, said, “I thought it was a joke, I didn’t believe her at first.”

That was not the only disturbing material in the yearbook. Parents also found several other comments objectionable.

Another student was voted “most likely to ‘boonk’ from a gang member.”

Kian said he had no idea what “boonk” meant and when he looked it up he found it is a slang name which means “to steal.”

Another questionable comment included, “most likely to be an internet scammer.”

The school addressed the concerns by parents and said the comments were part of a survey that was handed over to students and there was no voting carried out. They also said students filled the blanks themselves which means the Muslim student wrote the comment himself.

Despite of the explanation, parents questioned the school authorities as to how such a thing was not caught and got printed out eventually.

“It was missed. There’s a faculty advisor in charge of the yearbook. They did not catch it,” said Matthew Benson, a spokesman for the Sonoran Science Academy.

In wake of the outrage, Deb Hofmeier, the school’s principal also issued a statement and apologized for the incident.

“On Friday night, I became aware of an inappropriate entry included with the 2017-18 yearbook in which a student self-designated they were ‘Voted Most Likely to Bomb the U.S.’ To be clear, there was no class vote. Each student self-selected a superlative for himself or herself,” read the statement.

It further said, “The comment should have been caught and removed during the editing process before the yearbook was published. Our school is investigating how this incident occurred, and has already taken disciplinary action against the faculty adviser in charge of the yearbook.”

Hofmeier also said in the statement that the yearbooks that have been dispatched will be collected back and a new edited version of the book will be sent out.

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