Meet The Muslim-American Woman Kicked Out Of Trump Rally

As it turns out, her courageous effort to convey a positive message about Islam wasn't in vain.

A woman named Rose Hamid was escorted out of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday. She wasn't heckling or disrupting the event; all she did was stand up during his speech in a silent protest.

Muslim Woman

Sounds inane, even for Trump’s standards? Apparently, the hijab covering her head was the real culprit, as it led Trump and his league of bigots to deduce that the woman, whose t-shirt read "I come in peace," was a terrorist threat.

During his speech at Winthrope University, the Republican frontrunner probably realized that it had been more than five minutes since he said something intolerant. Therefore, quickly assuming his position as the human incarnation of the Confederate flag, the candidate turned the conversation toward Syrian refugees.

"We're not going to let in people from Syria that we never saw before," he told the attendees. "They could be ISIS and, by the way, it's turning out that they probably are ISIS.”

Muslim woman kicked out of Donald Trump rally after silent pro...

Wearing yellow stars resembling the patch forced on Jews during the Holocaust, a Jewish man and Muslim woman are removed from a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina. are escorted out after standing in silent protest as Trump suggests refugees fleeing war in Syria are ISIS affiliated.

Posted by  ABC7 on Friday, January 8, 2016


That was when 56-year-old Rose Hamid stood up. Trump’s supporters, sensing the presence of a self-perceived enemy against them, freaked out. They began waving their "Make America great again" flags even higher, presumably to ward her off, while chanting "Trump! Trump! Trump!"

Hamid was booed at, escorted out and even asked if she "had a bomb." One man, being left with no stereotype with which to shame a Muslim, shouted at her to get out. She looked at him calmly and said, "But you don’t even know me."

As it turns out, Hamid had gone to the rally with friends of different faith quite simply because she felt that Trump supporters had never really met a Muslim. And seriously, a lot of hatred is spawned by a lack of understanding.

"Because I'm a Muslim woman who is covered, I thought it would be good for me to go, because I think, for the most part, the majority of people who support Trump had never actually met a Muslim in person," she explained to Marie Claire. "I really believe that if you have the opportunity to meet people face to face, look them in the eye and see that they're people, I think you'll find that we're not that scary and that fear would subside and that hate would subside."

Hamid said a lot of people at the rally were kind and genuinely inquisitive about Islam. A woman checking tickets at the entrance gave her a warm smile, while another person asked what the "Salam" on her T-shirt meant. It stands for "I come in peace," she told him.

During Saturday's rally, Trump saw her being taken away but made no effort to support her or shut up his supporters. Instead, he powerlessly sighed and lamented the "deep-seated hatred" that needs to be eliminated. Bravo!

However, Hamid may not have been able to confront the former reality TV star, which wasn't her real intent, but she was able to convert a Trump supporter.

"My son showed me a text from his friend today, a friend who was a Trump supporter," she said. "It said, 'I saw what happened to your mom last night and I no longer support him.' That was really cool."

After all, the smaller victories count much more in the end, right?

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