UK Muslim Woman Tries To Reason With Racist Man Who Abused Her

A Muslim woman became a target of racism in the United Kingdom when a passenger on a train went on a tirade against her religion.

In yet another incident of racism caught on camera, a woman suffered racial abuse on a train headed to Manchester from Lancaster in the United Kingdom.

Shahina Patel posted a video on her Twitter account that shows a man verbally attacking her.


In the video, a man is abusing Muslims while all the other passengers remain silent. He also can be heard saying “f*** the Muslims.”

This is when Patel gets up from her seat and confronts the man. As soon as she stands in front of him, he tell her to “f*** off.”

She then tells the man that his language is really offensive and that she feels extremely uncomfortable. The man makes another derogatory remark and says that her family has landed her in this situation.

Shocked by the remark, the woman asks the man if he knows anything about her family. The man then says he feels unsafe while traveling on the train and so do other passengers. Patel then tells the man that he is generalizing a group of people and is using racist and aggressive language.

As Patel makes her way back to her seat, the man starts speaking again. He says that she will face the situation again and again. To that Patel tells him that he’s still generalizing and accusing her of something that she hasn’t done.

The man then changes his tune and says that he knows Muslims and has worked with them as well but what extremists did will affect the way people will look at her. He further adds that he is not against Muslims but is against extremists.

Patel then tells him that he needs to use the word “extremists” then and not Muslims.

After the entire exchange, a woman speak to Patel in support of her.


Recently, Muslim leaders in Manchester raised concerns about a number of Islamophobic incidents in the city. The incidents varied from verbal abuse to criminal damage to mosques.

After the video went viral on Twitter, many users came in support of her.


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