Muslim Woman Asked To Leave Restaurant Because Of Hijab

“It opens the door for this kind of bullying in public spaces where religious people aren’t permitted,” said Fateen Seifullah, a Las Vegas mosque leader.

muslim woman

There’s a first time for everything.

Louvenia Daan faced religious discrimination several days ago from the staff at a Peppermill restaurant on Las Vegas Boulevard, KTNV reported. As a young Muslim woman, Daan wears a head covering as part of practicing her faith.

She claims that she’s never been harassed before for wearing a headscarf.

“I wear a hijab all day... and I’ve never been treated like that ever,” she reportedly said to the Las Vegas ABC affiliate.

When she was dining with her family in the Fireside Lounge inside the Peppermill, a waitress asked her to remove her hijab.

“She said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry that I called it the wrong thing, but you can’t wear that in here,'” said Daan.

Since Daan wasn’t going to take off her hijab, employees at Peppermill requested that she leave. Daan explained how she felt when the staff refused to hear out why she didn’t want to remove her scarf. Of course, if the server did understand, then she wouldn’t have made such a ridiculous demand in the first place.  

“It’s like telling a woman to stand in front of a bunch of people and be completely naked, like it’s a horrible, horrible thing,” Daan said.  

According to KTNV, one of the managers at the Fireside Lounge said that no one is allowed to wear anything that covers their head in order for the surveillance cameras to be able to capture a full face. Under that logic, hats and hoodies shouldn’t be permitted in the restaurant either.

Peppermill posted an apology on Daan’s public Facebook post that she wrote regarding the incident, but that barely assuages the bigger picture alluding to religious freedom, and what may be at stake.

A local mosque leader, Fateen Seifullah, explained the difficulty for a woman to remove her hijab in public.

“It’s a huge deal for those who have committed themselves to it. It’s an unthinkable crime, you might say," he said.

But the real crime here is that Daan wasn’t able to enjoy her meal on the Las Vegas strip. Allowing people to be visibly religious in public spaces doesn’t seem like such a huge request, but Daan found out the hard way that she’s not welcome everywhere in Trump’s America

Banner photo credit: Facebook, Louvenia Daan

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