Women Allegedly Thrown Out Of California Cafe For Being Muslim

Told they had to give up their table to other customers, two Muslim women say a more sinister reason was behind their ouster from Urth Caffe.

Two women dining at a cafe in Laguna Hills, California, suspect they were kicked out simply for their religion.

An employee by the name of “Tino” approached the ladies’ table and asked them to leave. Tino apparently told the women that the Urth Caffe's policy is for anyone dining more than 45 minutes to share or give up their table to other customers. The ladies, who had just received their food, pointed out that the restaurant was nearly empty and so the policy did not apply to them. Signs at the cafe clearly state the policy is only for busy times.

They were, however, still asked to leave and when they refused, police were called to escort them out.

Sara Farsakh, one of the women involved, recounted the incident on Facebook, indicating the very likely reason for their removal was racism.

She also posted these videos on her Facebook profile.


Sara Soumaya Chamma describes the incident in her post on the social media site as well.

Support came pouring in:

Others shared similar experiences at Urth Caffe:

Someone claiming to be an Urth employee gave their side of the story:

The cafe's management responded to the incident and promised to look in to the matter:

Unfortunately incidents of racism and hatred have become all too frequent.

In February 2015, a Muslim family aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Florida to Michigan experienced racial abuse from a passenger — with no help from the flight attendant.

Darlene Hiber, the victim, said the female passenger seated next to her began harassing Hiber because of her Muslim headscarf, shouting “This is America!”

Instead of helping Hiber, a Delta Airlines flight attendant was caught on video threatening to have the family removed.

“You are at my wit’s end,” the flight attendant said to Hiber’s husband. “You better be quiet before I kick you off of this plane!”

Another family suffered the same fate almost a year later:

In October 2015, video of a woman shouting and swearing at a pregnant Muslim woman on a London bus, and threatening to kick her in the stomach, went viral.

Just a few weeks later, Ruhi Rahman, a 23-year-old Muslim woman and her sister, from Newcastle, U.K., were threatened while traveling on the Metro by a man who accused them of planting a bomb on the train.

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