Following London Terror Attack, Muslims Raise Over $18K For Victims

The group wants to honor the victims, help their families, and warn Muslim communities across the United Kingdom they must stay vigilant in this time of grief.


The awful London terror attack that killed four people and left 40 injured may have reminded us of the horrors of gratuitous violence, but it has also helped to bring people together for a good cause.

According to the Independent, a Muslim-led campaign hoping to raise money to support the families of victims raised more than £3,000 (nearly $4,000) just one hour after its launch.

And as this article is written, Muslims United for London has already been able to raise more than £15,000 ($18,000).

The group said in a statement that the “British Muslim community stands with the community during these difficult times and extends their support in raising funds to help with the immediate, short-term needs of the families of Keith Palmer, the other victims and the families of the victims.”

Palmer, 48, was a police officer on duty outside Parliament who was killed in the course of the attack. Other victims include Aysha Frade, a DLD College London Spanish teacher; the American Kurt Cochran; and a 75-year-old man who wasn't immediately identified.

Money being raised by the campaign might not bring the victims' lives back, the group stated, but members "hope to lessen [the victims'] burden in some way.”

Muddassar Ahmen, who's behind the campaign page, told reporters that he was at work and could see the aftermath of the attack from his office window, the Independent reports.

“I was in a meeting and suddenly my phone started going off and people started calling me. We looked out of the window and we saw a scene of horror.

It was so shocking and completely out of the blue. It’s something you hear about, but never expect to experience.”

While the campaign follows chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation Mohammed Shafiq's call for increased security outside Mosques, the group's statement says that “terrorists aim to divide communities," while "the far right are doing the work of these terrorist groups by perpetuating the division and hatred." As British citizens, members of the group vow to "continue to work to bring people together and defeat the ideology of violence.”

But the group is also aware of the backlash that the Muslim community in Great Britain will unfortunately face after this terrible attack, even though only one individual took place in it, not an entire religious group:

“Sadly, after such terrorist atrocities innocent Muslims and our Mosques are deliberately targeted as acts of Muslim hatred, we need to remain vigilant and resolute to not allow anyone to divide our communities.”

It's great to see so many people coming together in solidarity for the victims, and we most certainly hope the Muslim community in the United Kingdom won't be penalized for the crimes of one individual.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Jessica Rinaldi

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