NAACP President Is ‘Really F---ing Sorry’ For Being Sexist

Maricopa County, Arizona NAACP chapter president, Don Harris, made sexist remarks about a female reporter and added insult to injury with his profane apology.

Maricopa County, Arizona NAACP chapter president, Don Harris, was caught on tape commenting on a female reporter’s breasts following a gathering to discuss racial sensitivity.

The meeting came as a response to the group of Phoenix high school students who recently made headlines for spelling out the n-word with letters on their T-shirts.

As Harris,77, was leaving the event at Tempe Union High School District offices last week, he said “Nice tits” to a male reporter from Phoenix New Times referring to KPNX reporter, Monique Griego, who was standing close by.

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The newspaper later posted the audio of the sexist remark online and then reached out to Harris about it. Harris attempted to apologize but, ultimately, just ended up spewing out more profane language.

"I apologize if anyone was offended. I could have said nothing ... I'm really f---ing sorry."

Unfortunately, Harris didn’t stop there with his belligerence.

When asked if he would fight against sexist comments in addition to racist ones, Harris told the New Times, "I'm going to slash my wrists. Better yet, I'm going to throw myself out of a f---ing window, except I'm on the first floor."

So, in addition to sexualizing women Harris also makes crass jokes about suicide. His nonchalant use of insensitive language nearly makes it hard to believe he fights for equality and social justice. 

Harris is white and has been a longtime member of the local NAACP chapter’s executive board (See Rachel Dolezal, you don’t have to pretend to be black to be a part of the organization).

He reportedly told the Arizona Republic that he would resign from his NAACP position if that’s what the executive board requested.

"I said if they want me gone, I'm gone," Harris told the newspaper. "I'm not ducking from anything. I did something stupid and wrong and I'm sorry for it. I can't beat myself forever about it. I said it. And I can't be any more sincere."

He further insisted he is not sexist by making it clear that he supports the women’s rights organization, NOW. It wouldn’t be a surprise, however, if the group chose to distance itself from any affiliation with him or his poor choice of words. 

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