Iran Lawmaker Compares Women In Parliament To Monkeys And Donkeys

While women around the world surmount mountain peaks and discover gravitational waves, women in Iran are being compared to animals.

The oppression of women in Iran is no new story, and while females around the world are busy fighting for equal wages and beating sexism in different walks of life, Iranian women are being compared to animals.

Yes, you read that right.

In a record breaking event, women in Iran just won 14 seats in the country’s parliament. But conservative lawmaker Nader Qazipour is not at all happy.  While speaking at a rally, he told his supporters “only men belong” in the parliament and added that women, just like animals, have no business in the government.

Qazipour was speaking in Turkish, and a translation from Memri TV shows his Stone Age thinking.

“It was not easy for us to build this country, so we will not give it away easily to any little boy or fox,” he said. “The Iranian parliament is no place for children or donkeys. The Iranian parliament is no place for women. It is a place where only men belong. If you send women to parliament members, they will face catastrophes and your honor will be violated.”

The lawmaker’s comments about women quite justly sparked outrage among people, who have begun demanding his resignation.

Meanwhile, in an apparent attempt to save face, Qazipour has released a lukewarm apology, calling his derogatory comments an “error.”

It is undoubtedly men like Qazipour who give rapists and abusers the courage to do what they do, often without fear of prosecution. Sexist comments like these cannot be made in “error” by lawmakers, and it is about time that women around the world, especially in Iran, are given the respect they deserve.

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