Explore The International Space Station In NASA’s Stunning New Video

You may never experience floating in zero gravity, but this insane 4K footage gives a real glimpse into what’s it like living aboard the ISS.

If you ever dreamt of exploring the nooks and crannies of the International Space Station, your wish has come true — to some extent, at least.

NASA released a stunning new footage to give the Earthlings, at least those who are not among the 200 or so people who have set foot on the station, a taste of what it’s like to be aboard the ISS.

While many may never get a chance to experience floating in zero gravity, this virtual space tour is almost as good as the real thing.

The soothing 18-minute video was shot with a fisheye lens, which is designed to offer more focus and depth to the pictures. To give viewers a more realistic understanding, NASA filmed the entire thing in 4K with ultra high definition and picture quality that is double that of HD.

The video takes the space fanatics through the Cupola, the 360-degree observation point that lets astronauts look down on Earth from above, before moving through various modules that make up the station's living space equivalent to that of a five-bedroom house.

While none of the crewmembers are visible in the footage, you can still see the signs of their lives on the ISS — from the computers they use and the spacesuits they wear during spacewalks to a table set with food.

There are currently six people living and working on the ISS.

Find out more in the incredible video above.

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