Mayor Investigated For Possibly Using Taxpayer Dollars To Fund Affair

After announcing she had engaged in an affair, Mayor Megan Barry is now being investigated for possibly using taxpayers' money to pay for her relationship.

Mayor Megan Barry is certainly not having the best start to 2018. After details of her extramarital affair with her former security chief were released, it turns out she is now being investigated for using taxpayers' money to fund the affair

The Nashville city council's budget chairwoman, Tanaka Vercher, has approached the council's lawyer to determine whether or not she has the authority to investigate Barry's "travel expenses" that were utilized during the mayor's affair with Sgt. Robert Forrest.

While having an affair in office may not be the most level-headed thing to do, possibly using taxpayers' money to do it is just blatantly irresponsible. 

"Right now the perception is -- whether it's true of not -- that this affair occurred on taxpayers' dime," Vercher stated.

During Barry and Forrest's trysts, the two racked up over $33,000-worth of travel expenses from January to the end of October in 2017, which Barry claims were all "business related." 

During that time period, the couple went on no less than nine trips together, one of which included packing their bags for Greece, but Barry still maintains that the excursions were all related to her job. 

And even though the investigation is just beginning and not much has been revealed, it's a little hard to imagine what "business" the mayor of Nashville and her head of security could possibly have in Greece. 

Barry has promised to give her full cooperation during the investigation, stating: "Our records are available for anybody to look at. There were no policies that were violated. Nothing illegal happened. The records will absolutely show that the expenses matched what the overtime expected."

While the investigation is ongoing, Barry is not letting it slow her down, as she has stated she plans to continue in office. 

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