Netanyahu's Disdain For The World As Well As Human Rights Is Apparent

It’s no wonder that Donald Trump and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu get along so well. After all, they both feel entitled to the world and more.

Israel has time and again refused to become a part of the peace process to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Despite being the one with more power, and decades of atrocities carried out on the people of Palestine, he loves playing the wronged one.

He says Palestinians inspired Holocaust. He retracted the statement later. That, however, didn't stop him from likening them to the Islamic State.

The height of his entitlement is apparent from the fact that he actually feels he deserves the world support for keeping almost 1.4 million people in devastating conditions on a strip of land surrounded from all sides by an overwhelming and punitive occupying force.

He expects, in fact demands, the world remains at his side as his government keeps inching in on Palestinian land, taking over it, pushing the residents out.

Israel's stranglehold on the territory and the resources increases every single day. Gaza is effectively the world’s largest prison, A Middle Eastern Bantustan controlled by a new Apartheid State, Israel.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Israeli Pool

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