Man Who Once Threatened To Kill The POTUS Is Now Running For Office

Nathan Larson, who pleaded guilty to threatening to kill the president of the United States, also believes women shouldn’t have the right to vote.

Nathan Larson

A man who spent over a year in prison for making death threats against the president is now running for the House of Delegates in his state — as if we did not already have enough extremists and fundamentalists holding high positions in the government.

Nearly nine years ago, Virginia resident Nathan Daniel Larson sent an email to the Secret Service, expressing his intention to physically harm the president “in the near future.”

According to The Associated Press, it is unclear whether Larson's threats were directed at former president George W. Bush — who was still in office at the time — or Barack Obama, who was president-elect when the email was received.

In 2009, Larson pled guilty to making death threats and the authorities sentenced him to serve 16 months in a federal prison.

The state government revoked his voting rights, but Gov. Terry McAuliffe restored them once Larson got out of the prison, thus enabling him to run for Virginia’s 31st House District.

As election officials have confirmed, the former inmate has accumulated the required number of signatures needed to appear on the ballot.

Now, before someone starts considering it a great comeback story, here is the deal: Larson is running on the platform of suppressing women’s rights.

In fact, he believes women should not have the right to vote at all.

“I think women want male leadership, and so men have to be strong,” he explained to local news station, WUSA9. “Men have to take the stances they believe are right, and women will respect that.”

More disturbingly, he also supports incestuous marriages, claiming fathers should be able to marry their daughters. His justification: “Fathers have a greater interest in taking care of their offspring, as opposed to men who marry into the family.”

Larson was also quick to clarify he “prefers” Donald Trump.

Interestingly, this is not the first for Larson, who ran for office in the state back in 2008. Running as a Libertarian, he lost Virginia's first U.S. House district against incumbent Rob Wittman, who scored nearly 57 percent of the vote.

Though Larson still identifies himself as a Libertarian, the party is not too fond of him or his views.

“There’s no chance he’ll be running with this party,” said Libertarian Party of Virginia Chairman Bo Brown.

If ousted, the sexist candidate is considering running as an independent.

“If you’re independent, it just means you’re the one who’s running an experimental campaign,” he said. “Sometimes it may mean you’re ahead of your time.”

It is an ironic statement since Larson does not even appear to have caught up with recent times.

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