Guy Takes Selfie After Knocking Out Mugger In South Africa

Nathan Wood is lucky the thief didn’t have a gun or he probably would have been shot before he could knock him down.

27-year-old Nathan Wood from Stellenbosch, South Africa, was outside a nightclub when two men began to follow him and his friend into an alleyway. They then proceeded to threaten Wood and his companion with a knife but soon learned that they had messed with the wrong person.

Even as the main culprit held a dagger to Wood's throat, Wood managed to knock him unconscious with a powerful punch. The second man escaped the scene immediately.  

To make things all the more exciting, Wood then placed his jacket under the would-be mugger's head, placed him in recovery position and clicked a selfie with his phone, because of course, who would want to forget a moment like this one. Once he was done recording the memorable incident, he called the police.

The selfie that was posted on Facebook initially received a lot of hate and backlash from internet users, who did not support what Wood did. But soon enough, things took an interesting turn when others began to congratulate him for taking down the man. Commenters even made light of the situation as they said things like “Selfie level 1000,” “I don't know who is better looking in this selfie that guy on the floor has some serious blue steel going on. Its so hard (sic),” and “I just want to know if you used the front camera or back?”

 Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Vasily Fedosenko

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