It's 2017 And Torch-Bearing White Supremacists Are Rallying In VA

Torch-holding protesters are no longer a relic of a racist past, but are fast becoming a terrifying reality.

Are you a little disturbed by the idea of white writers imagining an America where slavery has not been abolished and white supremacists still openly rally with flaming torches held high?

Does your annoyance stem from the fact that in various forms, slavery still flourishes, systematic oppression still exists for black people, and in 2017, the first year of Trump’s presidency, white nationalists (read: supremacists) are back with their torches?


Hate groups are marching at the University of Virginia’s campus in Charlottesville in a rally titled “Unite the Right.”

Alt-right (read: white supremacist) Twitter accounts are having a field day, proclaiming that white people are finally asserting themselves. Non-racists are just plain disgusted.





Of course, someone spotted a now-familiar red MAGA cap at the rally, too.


This does not come as a surprise. Trump’s campaign, and now his presidency, are credited with awakening the dormant sentiments of white supremacy in America.

From the onset, Trump echoed the sentiments of neo-Nazis nationwide, calling immigrants rapists and criminals, and promising to “build a wall.”

During his campaign, Trump promised to ban an entire religion, and later tried to follow up on his promises by banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

It was during Trump’s dangerous campaign that the alt-right movement gained traction and legitimacy as a movement. He has received immense support from the neo-Nazi movement in the USA. In 2016, Richard Spencer, another torch-wielding white supremacist, once chanted “hail Trump” at a pro-Trump conference.

White nationalists even have friends in the White House in the form of Steve Bannon, who has infamously lamented the loss of the “Judeo-Christian” establishment of the West.

No wonder then, the marchers in Charlottesville are chanting "blood and soil, one people, one nation, end immigration." 


At this point, the Nazi rally is still going strong. No action has yet been taken by the university authorities.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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