Nearly $43 Million Of Taxpayer Money Wasted On Trump’s Golf Trips

President Donald Trump's trips to golf courses in 2017 have cost taxpayers a great deal. Will he be more frugal or more careless in his second year in office?

President Donald Trump holding a mini replica of Air Force One.

The government is often wasteful when it comes to using taxpayer money, but while President Donald Trump has criticized the urge to throw hard-earned money away in the past, he’s now the one being everything but frugal with American tax dollars.

According to, the president has spent nearly $43 million of taxpayer money on his golf habit. Considering that, overall, the federal government spends over $7 million per minute on all the programs and institutions it supports, Trump may believe that the millions of dollars spent on airfare to Mar-A-Lago alone isn’t much. However, when compared to President Barack Obama’s travel costs over the course of eight years, which total $96.9 million, it’s clear that Trump is burning through taxpayer cash fast.

During his first year in office, Trump made frequent trips to West Palm Beach, Florida;Bedminster, New Jersey; and Sterling, Virginia, where his golf courses are located, totaling 88 confirmed visits in 2017.

According to the official count, however, not all trips to both locations involved games of golf.

Regardless, Trump went golfing 43 confirmed times (and likely 76 times) in 2017, while Obama only played 28 times in his first year in office.

At a cost of roughly $1 million per game, we can say that Trump’s little golf trips are literally hurting our pockets.

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