Neighbor Mistakes Filipino Sisters For Chinese In Racist Sign

The Native American man says he isn't racist and that he was just trying to be specific — unfortunately for him, the girls he was targeting are Filipino.

Two El Monte, California, sisters are saddened that a neighbor has placed a "racist" sign in his yard targeting them.

According to a local ABC affiliate, sisters Alexis and Rose Anne Yu, who are members of a Filipino family, were in shock after learning that a Native American neighbor had posted a prejudiced sign targeting them.

The girls told reporters that they take their dogs out for walks up and down the street every night and that one day, they saw a sign posted in a yard that read: “Chinese, keep your dogs off my grass.” In tiny print off to the side, the sign read: “Respect your neighbors.”

Immediately upon seeing this, the sisters alerted local authorities.

“I don't understand. Why would you write something like that? And to direct it to a race for that matter,” Alexis Yu told reporters.

“When I looked at it closely I was like, ‘Oh, no.’ So I took out my phone, took a picture of it right away and actually emailed it to the El Monte [police] department to let them know what was going on,” she added.

The neighbor in question, William Alarcon, told reporters that he's a Native American and that he wanted the right people to start picking up after their dogs.

“I’m not being racist or anything, I’m being specific,” Alarcon said. “The Hispanic woman was doing it and I spoke to her and she stopped doing it.”

After the uproar, Alarcon said he talked to another neighbor, an Asian, he told reporters, and that “he wasn't upset.”

“He said, ‘OK, they do the same to me.’ He’s Asian and they do the same to him,” he told reporters.

Whether he meant to sound racist or not, he sure got some attention, especially because he mistook the girls for Chinese out of sheer prejudice.

Wouldn't it be easier to just place a sign telling all dog owners to pick after their dogs? That seems to work everywhere else!

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