White Supremacists Play The Victim Card After Neo-Nazi Kills Black Man

“The attack has nothing at all to do with the religion of white supremacy, and white supremacists are under no obligation to apologize for this attack.”



A prominent neo-Nazi, Andrew Anglin, has condemned the racially motivated killing of a black man in New York by a white supremacist — but not for the reason you might think.

James Harris Jackson freely admitted to stabbing 66-year-old Timothy Caughman with a sword earlier this week, claiming he wanted to “kill as many black men” and was “motivated purely by hatred,” according to prosecutor Joan Illuzzi.


Now, Anglin, the notorious founder of neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, is indeed condemning the attack — not because an innocent man was killed for no reason but because it could shed a negative light on white supremacists and lead to discrimination.

“Though we should acknowledge the tragedy of what Jackson did, the most important thing for us to remember is that he does not represent white supremacy. White supremacy is a religion of peace, and the overwhelming majority of white supremacists are peaceful members of society who do not agree with stabbing random black people with swords,” Anglin wrote.

“The attack has nothing at all to do with the religion of white supremacy, and white supremacists are under no obligation to apologize for this attack.

“In fact, white supremacists are now going to be subject to unfair scrutiny and prejudice in light of this attack. There is a threat now that people with swastika tattoos, screwdriver t-shirts, shaved heads or other cultural symbols of white supremacy will be unfairly discriminated against after this attack.”

The sentiments are bizarre and rather ironic.

First of all, white supremacy is not a “religion of peace.” Period. It’s not even a religion. It is a racist ideology focused on the belief that the white race is superior to people of other racial backgrounds and hence white people should rule other races.

Also, white supremacists believe interracial marriages is contributing to what they call “white genocide,” and eradicating “European culture,” which as far as they are concerned, is the only culture worth having. In fact, Richard Spencer, the poster child of white supremacy, expressed his disdain for all white non-people in December by stating “America belongs to white men” and urged white men to “retake control of America.”

The meeting itself was rife with Nazi propaganda, including Nazi signs and chants of “Heil Trump” — gestures derived from and used by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party, which killed 6 million Jewish people during World War II.

So, it’s kind of puzzling when these white supremacists follow (and respect!) such leaders’ narratives, and at the same time claim they are “peaceful.”

As for wearing swastika tattoos or other such “cultural symbols of white supremacy,” don’t these people realize what it means for the Jewish community at large? By doing so, they spread anti-Semitic messages, which, again, are not peaceful.

The logic behind the statement is also remarkable (read: hypocritical) considering white supremacists have no problem calling out Black Lives Matter or the entire African-American community if a black person commits a crime.

Reading Anglin’s words, it would seem Jackson killing Caughman was the first time a white supremacist has killed a non-white man for no reason. It is not.

White supremacist Dylann Roof opened fire on a church full of black people and killed nine during a Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina.

Alexandre Bissonnette killed six people and left 19 injured when he opened fire in a mosque in Quebec, Canada, just to satisfy his racist ideologies.

And these aren’t the only cases of white supremacists taking the lives of innocent citizens. Yet, the neo-Nazis chose to stay mum about them.

Anglin ended his post by urging white supremacist and people who support them to rally under the hashtag #IllRideWithYou on Twitter — an outrage considering the hashtag was previously used by Australians fighting Islamophobia by reaching out to Muslims.

Are white supremacists trying to play the victim here? Because they most certainly are not.

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