Neo-Nazi Dennis Mothersbaugh Proudly Wears ‘God, Guns & Trump’ T-Shirt

Dennis Mothersbaugh, who punched a woman, proudly wears “God, Guns & Trump” t-shirt as he is being extradited to Virginia.



A white supremacist, who was arrested for punching non-violent protesters, including a woman, is now being extradited to Charlottesville, Virginia — and he is making no qualms about showing where he got his violent tendencies from.

Dennis L. Mothersbaugh, 37, who was captured with the relentless aid of activist and writer Shaun King, proudly wore a t-shirt with the caption, “God, Guns & Trump” while he was being taken to Charlottesville. Nice.

Why are we not surprised?

Mothersbaugh was arrested last month after King recognized the tattoo on the back of his head. The neo-Nazi descended on Charlottesville to attend “Unite the Right” rally, a protest against the planned removal of the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert. E. Lee.

The man was caught on camera punching a man in the side and then hitting a woman right in the face. Witnesses said the white supremacist was wearing weighted gloves when he punched the woman.

The Jennings County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the warrant for Mothersbaugh’s arrest had been pending since Sept. 18 but he could not be arrested because Charlottesville had not requested that Mothersbaugh be extradited back to Virginia.

The warrant was reissued on late September with Charlottesville police signing orders they would extradite Mothersbaugh to face assault and battery charges, which then led to his arrest.

So, now on his way to Virginia, the neo-Nazi proudly wore, what is probably his favorite piece of apparel.

It’s no secret that white supremacists love President Donald Trump— who panders to them repeatedly with his violence-filled rhetoric.

In the aftermath of the Charlottesville incident, Trump blamed the counter-protesters for standing up to the white supremacists.

“Do they have any semblance of guilt," he said of the counter-protesters. "What about the fact they came charging with clubs in their hands, swinging clubs? Do they have any problem? I think they do.”

David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the KKK, promptly praised the president for his “honesty and courage.”


The neo-Nazi has praised Trump before during his presidential campaign. The then-presidential candidate said he did not endorse the former Grand Wizard and “disavowed” him. However, it seems Trump’s rhetoric is exactly what white supremacists look up to.

Mothersbaugh wearing a pro-gun, pro-Trump t-shirt is yet another sign of what type of rhetoric Trump preaches and who his listeners are.

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