Neo-Nazis With Tiki Torches Descend Upon Charlottesville Again

The group came in a tour bus and left after 10 minutes.


Hurriedly, and almost sneakily, a group of panicked white supremacists scurried out of a tour bus and into Charlottesville.

They headed to Emancipation Park, took out their tiki torches, let out a paltry chant of “You will not replace us,” and hurried back into their tour bus. Obviously scared of a confrontation, they made their way out of Charlottesville.

The rally was led by white supremacist Richard Spencer, who was also part of a similar neo-Nazi rally in August that resulted in the death of 32-year-old Heather Meyer. She died when a white supremacist rammed his car into a group of counter-protestors.

Most of the demonstrators this time were men dressed in white button-up shirts and khaki pants. According to the Charlottesville Police Department, the group stayed for a mere 10 minutes. They sang “Dixie” at the Emancipation Park, and left after declaring that Russia was a friend, and “South will rise again.”

Police officers stood in nearby.

The group’s deplorable presence was absolutely unwelcome, as the mayor made clear.


Local authorities also seemed frustrated at the group’s repeated visits to Charlottesville.

"Officers with our department then followed the tour bus to ensure that the group was leaving the city," police said in a statement. "Our department is conferring with city leadership and the Commonwealth Attorney's office to determine what legal action may be taken in response."

The police department refused to disclose to BuzzFeed whether the group had asked for, or had been issued, a permit for the event.

After the harried stopover, Spencer uploaded a photo of himself at the rally, deeming “Charlottesville 3.0” a success."We came, we triggered, we left," he said.

However, footage from the rally shows attendees running, while a voice told them to walk and not panic.

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