Neo-Nazi Robocall Uses Mollie Tibbetts To Call For Immigrant Genocide

Iowans are receiving pre-recorded calls claiming that Mollie Tibbetts would have wanted all undocumented immigrants killed following her murder.

It wasn’t enough that President Donald Trump used her death to make a political point, now a neo-Nazi podcast is reportedly making robocalls using Mollie Tibbetts' name to target Iowa’s Hispanic community.

According to an Iowa Starting Line report, Iowans received pre-recorded calls calling for the murder of all Mexican immigrants following the horrific murder of Tibbetts.

“Some relatives of Mollie Tibbetts are implying that despite having been murdered by a non-white, savage intruder, she would still support the invasion of America by a brown horde currently at a staggering 58 million,” the call reportedly said. “But you know in your heart they are wrong.”

“If after her life has now been brutally stolen from her, she could be brought back to life for just one moment and asked, ‘What do you think now?,’ Mollie Tibbetts would say, ‘Kill them all,’” it added, using a woman’s voice to read the last line.

The contents in this disturbing recording go directly against the wishes of the Tibbetts’ family, whose members have have been clear about how much they love the Hispanic community.

“The Hispanic community are Iowans,” Tibbetts’ father, Rob Tibbetts, said during his daughter’s funeral. “They have the same values as Iowans.”

Other relatives have also come forward on social media, condemning Trump and others for politicizing Tibbetts’ death.

In a Facebook post, Sandi Tibbetts Murphy also attacked the president for his use of Tibbetts’ death, saying that the family was reclaiming her memory.

“You do not get to use her murder to inaccurately promote your ‘permanently separated’ hyperbole. You do not have permission to callously use this tragedy to demonize an entire population for the acts of one man,” she wrote. “No. We reclaim our Mollie.”

Still, the neo-Nazi advocates behind this robocall don’t seem too worried about respecting the victim or her family.

In the past, the same group was also behind robocalls asking voters to support Patrick Little, the U.S. Senate candidate who openly espouses anti-Semitic and white supremacist views. The site is also known for calling for the expulsion, and even murder, of all black and Jewish people in America.

The person behind the podcast is believed to be Scott Rhodes, an Idaho resident who has personally harassed a black local for months.

The fact that an aggressive racist is reportedly calling for the murder of all immigrants while using Tibbetts’ name makes it clear that members of this fringe movement are simply going too far.

Unfortunately, the president’s actions seem to give people like Rhodes an extra incentive to be openly vocal about their hatred toward human beings.

It’s because this type of attitude and Trump’s zero tolerance policies that voters are now so energized and ready to paint Congress blue during the midterms.

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