Sex Offender Gets Only 7 Days In Jail — 1 Day Each Of His 7 Victims

One woman visited her dermatologist because she had moles on both her back and chest. Instead of examining her, the doctor molested her.

A Las Vegas doctor who molested at least seven women will only spend seven days in jail — thanks to Clark County District Judge Richard Scotti.

Dr. Jorge Burgos was arrested last year on two occasions after several women alleged that he kissed, touched and molested them while conducting medical examinations.

One woman visited Burgos for a dermatologist because she had moles on both her back and chest. Instead of examining her, he "lifted her shirt and touched his mouth to one of her breasts," according to Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The woman told him to stop, to which Burgos responded by saying, "Are you going to get me in trouble?”

She reported him to police the same day.

“He is a good man who engaged in conduct that’s out of line with his character,” said criminal defense attorney Crane Pomerantz during court proceedings. “This event, this series of events, have caused Dr. Burgos great shame.”

As outrageous as this statement from Burgos' attorney was, Judge Richard Scotti one-upped Pomerantz by sentencing the sexual offender to a mere seven days of in incarceration. He even allowed Burgos to keep practicing medicine. 

"There's seven victims here, and I think that you need to suffer some more humiliation and shame. I'm imposing one day for each of these seven victims," Judge Scotti told Burgos.

The lenient punishment, rightfully, angered the women who accused Burgos of sexual misconduct.

“It’s like a joke,” one woman, who had testified against the doctor, said. “I cannot believe it. This is not about money. I don’t want any money — I don’t want him to be a doctor again. That’s all I want.”

What's more, the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners kept Burgos' license active and placed no restrictions on him whatsoever, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal, even though he would now register as a sexual offender.

“I just hope nothing worse happens to anybody,” said the sister of another woman who accused Burgos of molestation. “We did what we were supposed to do. That’s justice, I guess.”

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