Trump's Cabinet Is Richer Than World's 70 Smallest Countries

President-elect Donald Trump has filled his cabinet with his own mega-rich friends and donors. Their combined wealth now totals a ridiculous sum — and he's not even finished yet.

President-elect Donald Trump promised to "drain the swamp" and get big money out of politics, but this latest analysis of his incoming Cabinet shows an unprecedented amount of wealth.

The Boston Globe released an astonishing report that despite the fact that Trump hasn't even completed his cabinet appointments yet, their net worth is already a combined $13 billion: More than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the world's 70 smallest countries.

For example, Linda McMahon, who gave the reality TV personality and president-elect $7.5 million, was rewarded with the role of small business administrator. According to Forbes, she and her husband, Vincent, have a net worth of about $1.16 billion. For perspective, the GDP of Samoa is only $7.42 million.

Is it that strange to have a bunch of rich people running Washington? No, but Trump's Cabinet takes "rich" to a whole new level. The Boston Globe also revealed that the wealth of Trump's incomplete Cabinet is already more than four times that of President Barack Obama's and more than 33 times that of George W. Bush's.

Perhaps it's not surprising that Trump's officials announced that he's dialing back that whole "drain the swamp" thing from here on out.

Trump himself brings about $3 billion into the running (although he has claimed on numerous occasions that it's $10 billion.)

Linda McMahon addresses the press

This latest revelation about the incoming Cabinet just shows how far removed Trump and his appointees are from the Americans they are being appointed to serve.

The 1 percent in this country currently have more wealth than the bottom 90 percent, which is a huge disparity in income equality.

Trump promised a lot of things that he has since gone back on, like "locking up" Hillary Clinton and undoing Obamacare. But he also made a promise to address the poor, disenfranchised workers of America. It seems inconceivable that he sees value in that promise, or that it would even be possible to do that when his entire Cabinet is an illustrative example of the worst wealth disparities in our nation.

It remains to be seen what the next four years are going to look like for poor and working-class Americans living under these mega-rich administrators.

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