Scaramucci Once Called Trump 'A Hack Politician, Anti-American'

"Hack politician." "Trump spectacle." The road to the president's side wasn't always obvious for newly-appointed Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci.

Unlike some President Donald Trump supporters, Anthony Scaramucci wasn't a zealot from the beginning.

He's criticized the businessman-turned-politician in TV interviews and Twitter jabs, but when Trump was confirmed to be the Republican candidate for the presidency in 2016, Scaramucci became one of his fiercest defenders. The newly-minted White House communications director may not have been born into the church of Trump, but he's certainly a convert. 

Before Scaramucci joined the Trump camp, there was little to indicate he might ever support a Trump presidency. Despite the parallels between the two  both are unfiltered New Yorkers with a passion for publicity and money — Scaramucci genuinely didn't seem to like Trump.

In August 2015, Scaramucci slammed Trump as a "hack politician" and "anti-American" while appearing as a contributor on Fox News. He also remarked that he "doesn't like the way he talks about women," bringing up Trump's contentious relationship with Megyn Kelly specifically.

The Long Island-born entrepreneur's ridiculing of Trump stems back far earlier than 2015 though, as tweets that Scaramucci is rapidly deleting reveal.

Furthermore, Scaramucci crossed the aisle to donate to the Barack Obama campaign in 2008 and supported GOP candidates Jeb Bush and Scott Walker long before he jumped on the Trump train.

His views on the death penalty, gay rights, taxing the wealthy, gun control laws, and abortion are entirely progressive and put him in stark contrast to others in the White House. In these ways his appointment could be promising to the American left, as he appears to be the kind of nuanced conservative presence sorely lacking in this administration. 

What that means for "The Mooch's" communications wing, the presidency, and White House policy remains to be seen though. Slate was quick to point out the similarities between the communications director and the president, and they aren't particularly good. They both cozy up to "carnivorous rich men" and have a litigious impulse indicative of the truly petty.

Still, enough remains a mystery that passing judgment too swiftly is useless. Like all things Trump-related, the nation will just have to recover from the shock of this latest White House upset, then wait and see.

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