New Drug Could Prevent Cancer While Also Giving You A Tan

A new UV radiation-free drug created by Massachusetts General Hospital could give you a tan without the risk of skin cancer and protect you from future damage.

What if you could get a sun-kissed glow without the harm of UV radiation and the risk of skin cancer? 

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have come up with a drug that's rubbed onto the skin to cause a chemical reaction that produces more melanin, or the pigment that gives us darker features, BBC reported. More melanin is also associated with more protection against UV rays.

Don't get this product confused with a fake tan, though. That just coats the skin in an externally darker pigment. 


Researchers hope to get the drug into sunscreen bottles for double protection against skin cancer, which is the most common type of cancer. It's unknown what the product could do to the hair color of those with fairer features, so scientists are planning to do more safety testing and research.

If a drug like this ever reaches your local drugstore's shelves, it could mean healthier skin for longer and lowered rates of cancer. Meanwhile, don't forget to still use sunscreen — and always reapply.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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