Aquarium Worker Says Group Of Black Girls ‘Not Welcome’ In Gift Shop

A group of girls was visiting an aquarium on a field trip when an employee told them that they were not welcome in the store without a chaperone.

A New Jersey aquarium gift shop employee kicked out a group of summer camp kids simply for being black.

An employee at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium gift shop in Point Pleasant Beach told the seven girls that they needed a chaperone. Once the girls returned with a chaperone, the worker told them, “They're not welcome in here.”

Attiyya Barrett was the girls’ chaperone and recorded the incident. Barrett later posted the video on Facebook, noting that several of the girls ran out of the shop crying and asked why they couldn’t buy anything.

“Meanwhile, there were other white girls unattended and playing with items and they were not asked to leave,” Barrett told ABC News.

Barrett was with a group of about 40 girls between the ages of 7 and 14, but only seven of the girls were in the gift shop.

The aquarium’s director of marketing, Toby Wolf, released a statement apologizing to the girls.

“We sincerely apologize to the girls from the camp group for the way they felt upon leaving,” said Wolf, adding that the employee had been suspended pending an investigation.

Barrett said she was pleased to hear that the racist woman was suspended but thinks that it is not enough.

“I don't think she needs to work there, period. I think that she should be fired. And I think the other employees need some sensitivity training to know that that's not OK,” Barrett said.

Wolf said that any further action regarding the employee will be determined after the investigation is complete.

Why so many white people continue to think it is acceptable to treat people of color with such asinine rudeness is deplorable. Until they stop, black folks and people of color everywhere will continue to record the bigots’ brazen behavior and reveal it to the world. Maybe one day these racists will realize that they are the ones who are not welcome here.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

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