Protest Erupts After Video Shows Cop Grabbing Black Teen By Her Hair

Viral video footage shows two teenage twin girls being physically assaulted, grabbed, and shoved by a New Jersey police officer outside of a pizza shop.

In yet another police brutality incident, a New Jersey police officer has been suspended after snatching a teen girl by her hair during an altercation with twin sisters near their high school.

The sisters, Nyasia and Kyasia Sorrells, are students at Orange High School. As classes were letting out, the pair went to get pizza before heading back to campus for band practice, ABC News reports.

Officer Hanifah Davis was on foot patrol and trying to clear a nearby corner when the confrontation between he and the girls ensued.

Video footage from the incident showed Davis talking to Kyasia before Nyasia walked up. The officer told her to back up, and then proceeded to grab her by the hair, which ended with both girls on the ground with Davis on top of them.

One of the teens could be seen being thrown into a store window before a school administrator tried to break up the scuffle and found himself being physically assaulted by the officer.

While the officer has been placed on suspension, the sisters are facing charges for resisting arrest, and the administrator received a citation.

Following the shocking and disturbing ordeal, hundreds of students marched to police headquarters on Friday to protest the mistreatment of the twins and demand that the charges against them be dropped. 

What's even more bizarre about the entire situation is that there is no explanation yet as to what set off the initial confrontation or why Davis approached Kyasia in the first place. 

The video of the incident has gone viral, with many on social media expressing outrage and confusion. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, Jim Young

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