New Jersey Teens Playing Holocaust Beer Pong Is Tragic, Not Shocking

News about a group of New Jersey high school students playing an offensive Holocaust-themed drinking game has outraged many. But it doesn’t come as a surprise.

New Jersey High School

Princeton High School authorities have stepped in after a photo showing a group of students playing a Holocaust-themed drinking game surfaced on social media.

The photo was doing rounds on SnapChat when student named Jamaica Ponder discovered it and wrote a blog about it.

“I’m not even Jewish and I’m still offended. This type of behavior makes me believe that this group of guys would readily play 'pin the noose on the n****r,' just as readily as they incorporated an 'Anne Frank' cup in their noxious little game of pong. Yes, that happened. No, you can’t just make this stuff up,” Ponder wrote.

She didn’t name the people in the photograph, but said “they are athletes and student leaders” and that "they're prominent individuals that everybody knows, captains of sports teams."

Princeton schools Superintendent Steve Cochrane released a statement after going through Ponder’s blog, saying the administration was going to look into the incident.

“As an individual and as the superintendent of the Princeton Public Schools, I am deeply upset that some of our students chose to engage in a drinking game with clearly anti-Semitic overtones and to broadcast their behavior over social media,” Cochrane said.

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While the whole idea behind the so-called “Jews vs. Nazis” beer pong is, understandably, upsetting many people, it’s definitely not the first time someone has engaged in the offensive activity.

The said drinking game is, unfortunately, quite popular among high school students in general. The internet is rife with photos of people playing "Holocaust pong," or “Alcoholocaust,” with some posts as old as 2011.






It includes beer cups that are arranged in a Star of David (the Jews) and swastika (the Nazis) on opposite ends of a table. Throughout the game, the Jews can “Anne Frank” or hide a cup wherever you want in the room. The Nazis, meanwhile, can “Auschwitz” their oppo­nents.

Before the Princeton High School debacle, social media posts from 2014 purportedly showing students from a Florida high school playing Holocaust beer pong prompted a lot of backlash from the local community as well the Anti-Defamation League.

“Not only is this game pro­foundly offen­sive, its rules also encour­age anti-Semitism against the 'Jew' team,” the international Jewish nongovernmental organization says of the drinking game on its website.

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