Landlord Says He Is A ‘Victim’ After Refusing To Rent To Muslims

The landlord denied the allegations, saying he is a victim of extortion by Muslims, who are generally “extremists” and might belong to ISIS.

The New Jersey attorney general is filing a lawsuit against a man who reportedly refused to rent a Muslim woman because of her religion.

It all began in February when Fatma Farghaly, who wears a headscarf, visited a one-bedroom apartment in Elizabeth with a friend.

However, even before she had entered the room, Farghaly claimed the apartment owner, William Greda, asked her if she was a Muslim.

When she said she was, he allegedly told her, “I don’t rent to Muslims.”

Outraged by his answer, Farghaly began filming Greda, asking him again why he didn’t want to house her.

Oddly, he replied by saying, “Hit me,” but Farghaly told him she didn’t want to. Seeing he was being recorded, Greda then went silent, prompting the woman to leave.

“I was shocked, like straight up, totally shocked,” she told News 12.

New Jersey’s Division on Civil Rights reportedly substantiated Farghaly’s claims after an investigation into the alleged incident.

Meanwhile, Gerda believes he is, in fact, the victim in the entire situation, saying he was being "extorted" by "Muslim extremists."

"That's what they are: ISIS," he told the station, to the terrorist organization in the Middle East. "They came in for (an) apartment and they attacked me.”

The Islamophobic answer, obviously, didn’t help his case and left New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino astonished.

“I’m not sure how to respond to that,” Porrino said, “except that he should let the judge know whatever his defense is going to be and the court will decide whether it has merit or not.”

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