Woman Finds Flat Tire With Islamophobic Note: 'Go Home Terrorist'

Someone also came to her apartment complex that night and banged on a door for approximately 10 minutes, scaring Robinson and her two young children.

Police in Mount Holly, New Jersey, have launched an investigation after a black Muslim woman found a racist and Islamophobic note placed next to her car and the air let out of her tire.

Kenya Robinson, who moved from Salem County to Burlington County weeks earlier, said she was planning to go to the grocery store last week when she found the note next to her tire.

The letter reads “Go home ni***r terrorist you not wanted here b**ch USA USA USA.”

“I thought it was just trash and then I saw that my tire was flat. It was a ‘go home’ letter. I’m from New Jersey,” Robinson, 24, said.

She indicated she thinks she was targeted because of her hijab and obvious Muslim faith, not because of her race, and that the incident is only exacerbating her feelings of being misplaced.

“In Salem County everyone knows me, but here I feel uncomfortable. I feel like they don’t know me because I’m an outsider, plus the way I dress.”

At about midnight that same day, someone came to her apartment complex and banged on a door for approximately 10 minutes, scaring Robinson and her two young children.

Robinson said the events have left her afraid.

“Every night I’m pacing. I feel paranoid. I put a chair under my doorknob so nobody can open my door,” she said.

Raw Story reported that the local police said they were taking the event “very seriously” but wouldn’t comment further on an ongoing investigation.

The combination of racism and Islamophobia in the Mount Holly incident highlights the particular challenges faced by black Muslims. Although Muslims are often conceptualized in the U.S. as being Arab or South Asian, almost one-third of Muslims in the America are black.

These individuals face the dual challenges of systemic racism that disproportionately criminalizes black individuals and addition to Islamophobia. Facing discrimination from multiple sides, black Muslims can end up feeling isolated and unsafe, as Robinson described.

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