Panama Papers Reveals The Dozens Of Americans Accused of Fraud

Information regarding 36 Americans accused of fraud has been released in a disclosure of what has been the largest journalistic leak in U.S. history, the Panama Papers.

The “Offshore Leaks Database,” which was published today by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, exposes the financial crimes of up to 320,000 offshore companies and trusts.

The latest leak includes data involving Americans who have used Mossack Fonseca’s services, as reported by the ICIJ. The Panama law firm specializes in keeping the sales of offshore companies secretive.

Among the Americans exposed today are those who already have a criminal record, and pale in comparison to the major tax fraud disclosure that caused the Prime Minister of Iceland to resign, for example.

The ICIJ reports that “dozens of Americans have been tied to fraud and financial misconduct,” but has yet to point out any major U.S. politicians guilty of offshore financing.  In fact, the U.S. citizens who have been exposed by the ICIJ are relatively small fish by comparison.

Those exposed today include a former Atlanta Falcons football player, a Virginian small-business entrepreneur, a Mississippi businessman, a Connecticut financier and several American investment firms, one of which has been linked to fraud in Indonesia.

When founding partner Ramon Fonseca was asked by Bild if he thought the Panama Papers was part of an American or German conspiracy to undermine Russian politics, he replied, “Of course not!”

ramon fonseca

He went on to explain that of the 250,000 companies that they have incorporated over the last forty years, nearly all of them have been good. “If we find something wrong, we immediately report it to the authorities,” he said.

Fonseca told Asociated Press that “as a policy we prefer not to have American clients,” in reference to the activity that has been construed by Wikileaks as a conspiracy against Vladimir Putin and other world leaders.

American politicians, who have been for the most part missing from the leaks’ output, have evaded the global tax fraud witch hunt which is, in part, funded by USAid.

Banner Image Credit: Reuters

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