New Poll Shows Americans Remain Strongly Divided Over Impeaching Trump

A recent poll shows that the number of Americans who want President Donald Trump impeached continues to climb, but that number also shows that America remains a divided nation.

The number of Americans who want President Donald Trump out of office continues to climb, however, this number is defined by a strong partisan divide.

According to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, 43 percent of Americans want Congress to start the impeachment process, a marked raise from last week's 38 percent. The number nears the 45 percent of Americans who do not want Trump impeached, a percentage that actually dropped a point from the previous week.

Those who want the president impeached do not believe he has necessarily broken any law to meet the constitutional requirements for impeachment, but the 54 percent majority see Trump as unfit for office and therefore enough of a liability to the United States to be removed from power.

While an increasing number of Americans want Congress to take action against Trump, the poll results indicate that this opinion remains a politically polarizing one. Seventy-one percent of self-proclaimed Democratic voters want Trump impeached, while 76 percent of Republican voters do not.

Although stories have come out about Trump supporters regretting their decision to vote for the Republican candidate in 2016, the growing disappointment does not come paired with the desire to see him immediately replaced. 

The results of the poll are good news for those who think Trump is America's single greatest threat, but don't bode well for those who see the nation's intense partisan divide as a premonition of things to come. If Americans cannot find common ground and unify, many of the problems we find ourselves embroiled in will continue to get worse.

This poll would inspire much more optimism if it revealed that citizens, regardless of their political affiliation, see American values as under enough threat to warrant action.

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