New Polls Show Clinton Crushing Trump – And Women Are The Reason

A new set of polls shows Clinton annihilating Trump in a general election as both head towards winning their respective party’s presidential nominations.

Surveys from media outlets on both sides of the political spectrum found that in a head-to-head matchup Donald Trump doesn’t stand a chance against Hillary Clinton — to the Democrats’ relief and augmenting  Republicans’ fear over a likely Trump nomination.

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CBS/New York Times poll found Clinton had a 10-point lead over Trump while a Fox News poll showed an 11-point gap between the two. A Bloomberg survey gave Clinton an impressive lead with her soaring 18 points ahead of Trump.

A Quinnipiac University poll was the only one to show a closer race, with Trump only slightly behind by six points.

The new dip most likely stems from the escalating violence at Trump’s campaign rallies that is turning voters — specifically women voters — off.

"There’s a possibility that the violence at the rallies has cut into his overall popularity," Quinnipiac University Assistant Polling Director Tim Malloy told Mashable.

Malloy’s survey found that 64 percent of voters consider Trump somewhat or mostly to blame for the frequent violence at his rallies, with married women especially turning their backs on Trump.  

"Republican women, particularly Republican married women, have been turning increasingly negative towards Trump," Malloy added. "And it’s not based on his ideology, it’s based on his character and his style. They’re really taking a look at the measure of the man, and he’s falling short."

Several recently released polls have detailed the real estate tycoon’s sinking unpopularity with Republican women voters. NBC/WSJ National poll found that 47 percent of female GOP voters could not see themselves supporting the candidate, and an average of  CNN/ORC and Morning Consult polls discovered that Trump is the least liked candidate by Republican women with a 42 percent unfavorable rating.

But it’s not just Republican women that have an issue with Trump — it’s all women. Malloy’s survey noted that only 26 percent hold a positive view of Trump, while a whopping 67 percent are not supportive of the candidate. An average of five different polls found that women voters are 42 points more likely to hold a negative view of the front-runner compared to his rival Ted Cruz who holds a -17 net favorability rating.  With an average 31 percent favorable rating, Trump is the most hated GOP candidate among women.

Yet the news is not at all astonishing with Trump’s grotesque misogyny and ceaseless sexism. Trump continues to zoom in on a woman’s appearance as the sole measure of her worthiness and considers looks the only pathway for a woman to achieve success. Trump’s clear alienation of women voters only further worries the Republican establishment as he is expected to go against a potential first female president that — according to significant data — could very well kick his butt. 

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