New Trump Adviser Once Compared Refugees To Rattlesnakes

Donald Trump’s Agricultural and Rural Advisory committee is being co-chaired by a Texas politician who compared Syrian refugees to rattlesnakes on Facebook.

Donald Trump’s group of cronies is comprised of some of America's most divisive and bigoted public figures including his vice presidential pick Mike Pence and his infamously crass spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, among others.

It seems that Trump has continued assembling his very own “Suicide Squad,” so to speak, as Texas agricultural commissioner Sid Miller has been announced as the new co-chair of his Agricultural and Rural Advisory Committee, Mother Jones reports.

Miller — whose signature accessory is a giant white cowboy hat — runs a landscaping-nursery business in his home state.

Unlike Trump, Miller actually has political experience. He was elected as Texas agricultural commissioner back in 2014, but prior to that, he served in the Texas legislature for many years until 2013, pushing a conservative agenda, of course.  

Aside from his political ventures that include advocating for the reversal of public school bans on deep-fat fryers and soda machines, Miller is notoriously known for comparing Syrian refugees to rattlesnakes in a Facebook post.

He posted a photo of a pile of rattlesnakes next to a picture of a crowd of refugees and wrote: “Can you tell me which of these rattlers won't bite you? Sure some of them won't, but tell me which ones so we can bring them into the house.”

After receiving backlash for the cruel post, Miller’s camp “clarified” what he meant by explaining, “What he said was he would rather invite a rattlesnake into his home than an ISIS jihadist terrorist.”

It should be noted; however, that the image he used was not of terrorists but of innocent asylum seekers.

Miller also stirred controversy last year by suggesting that nuclear bombs should be dropped on Muslim countries in yet another cringe-worthy Facebook post shared from his campaign’s account.

The post included a meme with a photo of an explosion and two statements that read: “Japan has been at peace with the US since August 9, 1945” and “It’s time we made peace with the Muslim world.”

The Japan reference alludes to when the U.S. dropped its second atom bomb on the country during World War II; the meme essentially implies that the same should be done in the Middle East.

Despite heavy criticisms, Miller refused to apologize for either of the offensive posts from his campaign’s page.

Miller’s not only an Islamophobe — he’s also apparently a crook. According to Mother Jones, he previously tried to use taxpayer money for personal trips disguised as official state business including one to Oklahoma for a medical procedure called “the Jesus shot,” and another to Mississippi to attend the Dixie National Rodeo.

Ultimately, Miller ended up having to foot the bill for those trips from his own pocket, but there’s no telling what other underhanded schemes he has actually gotten away with.

If his shady political history isn’t enough to raise eyebrows, his gushing over Trump should do the trick.

Speaking about his association with the presidential candidate during a radio interview, Miller reportedly said: “Above all, [Trump wants] to be known as the president that cuts the good deals," adding, "He's a deal maker, that's his whole mantra."

He also proclaimed that, “America will get our respect back around the world, because his [Trump’s] personality is, if you hit me, I’m going to hit you twice.”

Trump is clearly giving a platform for some of America’s most corrupt, untrustworthy, and xenophobic politicians to come out from the shadows and completely obliterate democracy as we know it. 

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