New Video Shows Exchange Before Police Dragged Man From United Flight

People Magazine released a new video that shows the exchange between David Dao and the police officer moments before he was violently dragged from a United Airlines flight.

A new video has just been released by People Magazine regarding the violent forced exit of David Dao from his United Airlines flight.

The footage shows the moments before Dao was knocked over by police and dragged from the flight. 

"Well, we'll have to drag you," the officer says to Dao, 69.

"You can drag me out, but I'm not going," Dao responds. "I'm staying right here."

This new video is important for many reasons, including that it confirms witness accounts of the incident. As others on the flight reported, Dao tells officers that he is a physician and has work the next day. In the video, he is also talking on the phone to someone, explaining that he is being forced to leave his seat on the flight and mentioning a possible lawsuit. The identity of the person with whom he was talking is unknown.

Since the incident went viral Monday, United Airlines has been attempting damage control but failing mightily. United CEO Oscar Munoz made public statements regarding Dao's removal from the flight that struck many as insincere and icy cold with corporate jargon. It took until Tuesday for Munoz to apologize. 

The mainstream media, while rushing to Dao's defense and rallying against corporate America, has also made some questionable choices and sought to expose Dao's past legal troubles in what looks oddly like an attempt to justify what happened to him aboard the United flight.

It will be telling how news agencies and United handle this new video.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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