Bigot Harasses, Threatens To Assault ‘Hero’ Muslim Cop And Her Son

The Muslim, hijab-clad woman joined the police force after 9/11 to fight anti-Muslim stigma and foster relations between authorities and the American-Muslim community.

A Muslim NYPD police officer was the latest victim of rising Islamophobic harassment in the United States.

Off-duty cop Aml Elsokary was parking her car in Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, after dropping off her 16-year-old son when she saw that he was being harassed by a man.

As Elsokary approached the man, who was white and appeared to be in his 30’s, he shouted, “ISIS b***h, I will cut your throat, go back to your country!”

The NYPD Hate Crimes unit investigated the incident as hate crime and charged the suspect, identified as Christopher Nelson, with menacing and aggravated harassment. The 36-year-old Islamophobe reportedly had a pit bull with him when he made the threat. He even commanded the dog to attack, “but thankfully the canine did not do anything,” a police source told New York Daily News.

Elsokary is a remarkable police officer. 


In 2014, she was hailed as a hero by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio when she jumped into a burning building to save a child named Kayleigh and her father, Felipe Arroyo.

Elsokary rushed up the stairs, after she heard a baby crying from the second floor. The brave officer used her jacket to pry open a scorching-hot doorknob and grabbed the frightened child.

She also successfully rescued Kayleigh’s grandmother, Carmen Delrio, who was present at the scene.  

Arroyo says he has nothing but words of kindness for the brave officer who put her life on the line to save his family.

“She’s my hero no matter what religion she’s from,” he said. “She's always been my hero for saving my daughter.”

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her, she took me out,” commented Delrio. “I was sick with a cold at that time and there was so much smoke coming out of that corner where the fire was that I couldn’t breathe.”

“Elsokary told me, ‘Follow me, lady, there’s no time to get no coat on,’ and I followed her and we went downstairs,” she recounted, before denouncing Nelson’s racism.

“The person who did that is wrong 100%, and I don’t appreciate that because police officers deserve respect because they put their life on the line for us,” she said.

The NYPD Muslim Officers Society thanked the detectives from Hate Crime Task Force and the Warrants Division for working quickly on Elsokary’s case.


People were quick to show their support to the courageous officer:




This incident adds to the list of racism and hate crimes since Trump’s election. More recently, drunken men yelled Trump’s name and tried to rip apart a Muslim woman’s hijab at a New York City subway stations.

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