Elementary School Teacher Rips Off 8-Year-Old’s Hijab As Punishment

A New York City elementary school lost his temper after an 8-year-old student refused to vacate the teacher's seat.

New York

A second-grader suffered minor injuries to her eye after her elementary school teacher allegedly ripped off her hijab as a punishment for “misbehaving” in classroom.

Her crime: She sat in the teacher’s chair without his permission.

Oghenetega Edah, a substitute teacher at the Bennington School in New York City, entered the class to find the 8-year-old student on his desk. He tapped her on the arm to get her to move, but when she refused to do so, Edah threatened to take off her head covering, according to the police.

“I’m taking it off,” the 31-year-old reportedly said before grabbing the little girl’s hijab and tearing it off her head, “causing irritation to her right eye.”

The girl was immediately transported to Jacobi Medical Center, where the doctors determined her cornea had not suffered any damage.

However, according to her father, she is now “nervous” to go back to school — which is understandable, considering she is an 8-year-old who was attacked by an authority figure that most children her age usually look up to.

“It’s crazy,” Yvarie Ortiz, whose daughter attends the same school, told the New York Post. “I just feel like teachers are supposed to control their anger a little bit more. That’s why they’re there. To teach and be calm. They’re supposed to be patient. That’s your job.”

Dealing with kids, particularly the younger ones, is by far not an easy feat by any means. But loosing your temper and practically assaulting a kid for not listening to you in class is also not acceptable.

Edah, who became a substitute teacher earlier this year, was fired from his job shortly after. The police are also investigating the incident.

“This alleged behavior is completely unacceptable,” said Department of Education representative Michael Aciman in a statement. “This individual was removed from the school immediately and his employment has been terminated.”

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