NY Daily News Depicts Trump As A Clown In Scathing 4th Of July Cover

“The President who plays king won’t conquer the bedrock values this nation was founded on.”



President Donald Trump’s harsh immigration policies and the cruel separation of migrant children from their parents have resulted in protests all across the United States.

As Trump keeps on defying American values, New York Daily News has come up with the scathing cover just in time for the fourth of July.

A clown-faced Trump with a broken crown is plastered on the cover and text at the top reads, “The clown who plays king.”

The newspaper has always been an open critic of the president and has used the clown analogy to represent him several times in the past as well.



However, Trump’s latest crackdown on immigrants, particularly migrant kids seeking asylum in the Unites States, usually fleeing violence in their homelands, has put a huge question mark on American values.

American citizens have taken to roads in a bid to push the government to reunite separated migrant families.

Even though, Trump rescinded his inhumane “zero-tolerance” policy, the daunting (and seemingly impossible) task of reuniting displaced kids with their parents before deportation is not way near addressed.

The New York Daily News’ editorial on this year’s Fourth of July celebration offers harsh rebuke of the president and his anti-immigration stance.

“Enter the current occupant of the White House, who devotes this nation’s potent energies to barricading the borders, to separating refuge-seeking mothers from children, to ordering parents to leave the country with or without their kids now that a court has ordered their reunion,” the op-ed read.

“The Declaration of Independence spoke to such arbitrary cruelty, against an arrogant monarch who ‘has endeavored to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither…’,” the article read.

“The President who plays king won’t conquer the bedrock values this nation was founded on.”

The newspaper has taken upon itself to remind American citizens to resist the president, who despite claims of making America great again, has failed to abide by American values by turning away those in need and separating innocent kids from their parents.

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