Latest New York Daily News Cover Shows Trump Shooting Uncle Sam

Following the Helsinki summit, the cover of Trump’s hometown newspaper showed the president shooting Uncle Sam – the classic symbol of American democracy – in the head.


For months prior to the highly-anticipated meetings between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, White House has struggled to dispel a suggestion that Trump was unwilling to stand up to Putin.

But, to no one’s surprise, in the 5-hour-long summit, the commander-in-chief did not say a single word critical of Russia’s probable interference in the U.S. elections. Instead, he denounced the “stupidity” of his own country’s policy, especially the decision to investigate the election interference.

Predictably, the glaring absence of condemnation for such a contentious matter was bound to spark outrage amongst members of Congress, who dubbed the president’s performance as “unprecedented” and destructive to America’s standing on the world stage.

Likewise, renowned news publication, “The New York Daily News,” added to the chorus of critics – but in a rather creative manner that spoke volumes about the current situation.

The cover of Trump’s hometown newspaper depicted the POTUS shooting Uncle Sam –a common national personification of American democracy – in the head on 5th Avenue in New York, while holding the hand of a shirtless Putin.

Apart from illustrating how Trump would rather compromise his allegiance to the country than call out Putin, the cover also referenced the commander-in-chief’s notorious 2016 claim that he could shoot someone "in the middle of 5th Avenue" and not lose support.

“I have the most loyal people, did you ever see that? I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot people and I wouldn’t lose voters,” the business mogul said while lauding his fans’ loyalty at a campaign event two years ago.

The controversial summit came three days after special counsel Robert Mueller delivered a sensational indictment  that accused the Russian intelligence officers of a deeply penetrating attack on the American democracy.

Trump had an opportunity on the world stage to hold Russia accountable for its numerous transgressions, but he backed away and this time even his normally supportive officials also tore into him.

Moreover, media analysts across the political spectrum, including correspondents from Fox news, which is a relatively friendlier territory for the president, were also highly critical of Trump’s stance which was blatantly against the country’s interests.

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