Man Raises Nazi Flag At Home, Says He Did It Because He Was Hacked

"It's a distress call. It's to get attention so I can tell people what's going on and that someone is hacking me,"said a man who refused to remove Nazi flag flying at his home.



Normally if a person’s account gets hacked they would probably — aside from panicking— spend a couple of hours poking around the Internet for an answer, change passwords, tell friends and family they have been hacked etc.

But, a central New York man, Jody Fish, did none of the above. Instead, he decided to raise a Nazi flag outside his home in Preble as a “distress signal” because he’d been hacked.

Naturally, the residents were so disturbed by the swastika flag in their street that they made a petition in an attempt to get Fish to take it down. Even the Preble Town Supervisor Jim Doring reportedly approached Fish to take the flag down, but to no avail.

Doring said he was told the bizarre act was in retaliation for a neighborly dispute.

According to, the homeowner said in an interview he wasn’t a Nazi. He said he was being hacked electronically and no one would help him.

“It’s a distress call,’’ he said. “It’s to get attention so I can tell people what’s going on and that someone is hacking me.”

Fish reportedly went on to say whosoever has a problem with the flag could come and talk to him because until someone finds out who is hacking him and then fixes it, the flag isn’t going anywhere.

Since the flag was attached to a utility pole, the supervisor of the town reached out to National Grid but turned out they couldn’t do anything about the matter since the flag was on personal property.

Such a way to get a hacking problem solved is completely unheard of and despite the homeowner’s claims, he might have some ulterior motive which is why he decided to terrorize the neighbors by putting up the Nazi flag.

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