Man Kills Cancer Survivor Baby Because 'She Got Too Much Attention'

A father brutally murdered his 21-month-old baby because he was jealous of the attention she was getting for surviving cancer.

Warning: Some readers might find the contents of this story disturbing.

Cancer Survivor

A New York man has admitted to killing his baby daughter after she survived eye cancer.

Ryan Lawrence, 25, of Onondaga County, New York, said he was jealous of his 21-month-old daughter, Maddox, because everyone was concerned about her while she battled cancer and she received too much attention.

The man pleaded guilty last week to killing his daughter by pummeling her with a wooden bat for three hours, burning her body in a fire pit and then dumping her in the waters of Syracuse creek near the Inner Harbor.

An Amber alert was issued after Lawrence and the baby disappeared in February. Lawrence’s wife, Morgan, reported to the police she was expecting her husband to pick her up from work at 10 p.m. when she received a phone call telling her his car was in the parking lot with the key still inside the ignition.

She drove home to an empty house and found a note stating her husband might cause harm to himself and their daughter. Morgan immediately contacted the police and soon enough, they found Lawrence in Baldwinsville, New York.

The man confessed to the inhumane crime immediately and brought the police to where he had dumped his daughter’s body, claiming he prayed to God to give him a sign if He did not want Maddox to be killed.

“God, if I'm not meant to kill her, make her stumble,” Lawrence stated, according to Detective Mark Rusin.

Charged with murder in the first degree, Lawrence underwent a mental evaluation, which demonstrated his fitness to stand trial. He will be sentenced in October and will serve at least 25 years in jail.

Morgan broke down into tears as County Court Judge Anthony Aloi revealed the details of the murder.

A makeshift memorial of stuffed toys and mementos from the family’s well-wishers has been set up on Onondaga Creek. The family and the city of Syracuse are planning to set up a permanent memorial at the site and hope to have a sign, a plague, a bench and a flower area as memorial for baby Maddox.

Baby Maddox

Baby Maddox

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