Woman's Kids Threatened With Death After She Unmasks KKK Members

The threats came after some people accused the mother and other informers of trying to “cause a stir” with their “exaggerated” information.

A woman who reportedly “unmasked” four members of the Ku Klux Klan, in Gloversville, New York, is now facing death threats targeting her children.

Nicole Martish’s children were threatened with violence after she, along with some other people, provided information that helped expose the identities of some Klan members.

“They’re posting pictures of my kids all over the internet saying they are going to use them as human speed bumps,” said Martish, who is working on a race relations forum in the city.

Those who threatened Martish and other informers said they were trying to “cause a stir,” but Martish is undeterred.  

“As a community, we need to stick together and stand together and make something happen,” Martish said.

While even one member is too many, Martish said the Klan is inflating their membership numbers.

“They are claiming there are 200 of them in Fulton County,” she said, speculating it's way less than that. “Even if there are just five, five of them can do something.”

Thumbnail/Banner: Reuters/Vasily Fedosenko 

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