New Yorker Magazine Cover Flawlessly Predicts Post-Election Blues

The New Yorker magazine cover for Nov. 14 was revealed on Friday morning, but it didn’t make any big predictions about who will be the next president.

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The post-election New Yorker cover for the week after Election Day suggests a political abomination of sorts, but offered no conclusive prediction on the outcome of the election.

Although others have proposed that Hillary Clinton will win, the New Yorker instead suggests an overall weariness of this year’s presidential campaign.

True enough, the names coinciding with the two major parties on this year’s ballot have become exhaustive. On the one hand, Donald Trump has been inundated with claims of sexual abuse and child rape, while Clinton faces an endless trail of email scandals.

The cartoon depicts a man reading the newspaper on the subway with the hilarious headlines, “Oh, Sweet Jesus, Please God No,” “Anything But That,” and “Come On.”

Of envisioning the timely drawing, illustrator Barry Blitt said, “It’ll apply next week, whether it’s one or the other. It’s nice to take a break and not have to draw Trump – or Hillary, for that matter.”

To the contrary, the cover of New York Magazine’s election issue boldly hinted at a Clinton victory. Designed by Barbara Kruger, its cover features a close-up of Trump’s 70-year-old wrinkled face with the simple caption “LOSER” smeared across it. 

But, regardless of who may win the election, the New Yorker cover sums up what the majority of voters must be feeling. Whether a person has decided to cast their vote for Clinton, Trump, or a third party leader, the message the New Yorker sends across is quite simple: enough already!

Banner photo credit: Twitter, @NewYorker

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