Driver Plows Car Into Families Celebrating Eid In The UK

At least six are injured, with children among them.

Families celebrating Eid as the holy month of Ramadan drew to an end were suddenly engulfed in chaos as a car plowed into a group of Muslim worshippers.

The accident happened in Newcastle, U.K., as a prayer service ended. At least six people, including three children, were injured in the crash and transported to the hospital.

A 42-year-old woman has been arrested for her alleged involvement in the collision. Police are not treating the incident as terror-related at this time and no one else is being sought in connection with the crash.

An eyewitness reports that the suspect may have been celebrating Eid with the larger group.

"From what I understand, [a woman who had been at prayer] was about to leave in her car and I believe she lost control," the eyewitness said, according to the BBC. 

Medical student Ahmad Ali described the chaos at the scene: 

"Someone was trapped under the car and then everyone just pushed the car so they were free... They were two children there, one of them — he was a boy about 8 — was really badly injured," Ali said

The worshippers locked arms around the injured until emergency services could reach them.

The crash comes amid heightened tensions in the U.K. after several attacks on Muslims. Just days ago, a man drove his vehicle into Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park. Cardiff resident, Darren Osborne, allegedly drove a van into a group of worshippers outside the Finsbury Park Mosque on June 19, killing one person and injuring several more.

Unlike that attack, however, this one appears to be a tragic accident.


The situation is ongoing. Updates to the story will be added as more details emerge.

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