Newsweek's Premature Election Cover Sends Trump Camp In A Frenzy

As soon as Trump’s supporters started bashing Newsweek for a pro-Clinton election cover, they discovered it wasn’t the only cover the magazine had prepared.

Newsweek's decision to print a special edition issue featuring Hillary Clinton as the winner before the election took place sent many into a frenzy.




The furor was uncalled for though. There were actually TWO covers — one for each candidate — one just saw the light of the day sooner than the other.

Newsweek editor Jim Impoco's response to the entire fiasco was simple enough:


It wasn't even Newsweek but Topix Media, a third-party service that makes the magazine’s commemorative issues, that printed the edition and let it hit the stands at a Barnes & Noble outlet.

“For the past six months Newsweek Special Editions has been piecing together a Road to the White House Tribute Issue for both major party candidates,” said Topix Media’s CEO Tony Romando.

“The polls show Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead, and a business decision was made to print the Clinton issue first while continuing to work on the Trump issue,” he explained.

“Two separate teams have worked to create two special editions tailored to the specific stories surrounding each candidate,” Romando added.

“Unlike hard news magazines, commemorative editions for sporting events, elections and unfortunately deaths are created weeks, months, and even years in advance. The largest publishers in America have dozens of tributes ready to print at plants across the country.

“One minute after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series their commemorative T-shirts went on sale and the losing team’s T-shirts were scrapped. As is customary in the collectible consumer goods community. This was a business decision. Not a political decision,” he explained.

The over-the-top reactions to the leaked Clinton cover goes to show just how ready Trump supporters are to spring on the-elections-are-rigged-bandwagon.

Then the likes of conspiracy sites like Infowars jumped in with, “One thing we know for certain is that Newsweek will not be publishing a ‘special commemorative edition’ of its magazine that is favorable to Donald Trump if he wins.”

If Donald Trump wins the remaining versions of the Hillary Clinton edition will be destroyed by the publication.

The Republican nominee's obsession with voter fraud and rigged system is nothing new but then that's what the GOP has been doing for years. Even President Obama warned Trump to “stop whining.”

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