Latest Newsweek Cover Depicts Trump As The Couch Potato-In-Chief

Newsweek released the cover for their Aug. 11 issue, and the images take a jab at President Donald Trump's misgivings about being president of the United States.

Red Trump "Make America Great Again" hat.

Real or fake, President Donald Trump is featured on quite a few magazine covers, and rarely are they flattering to the business mogul turned world leader.

Newsweek released the cover image for their Aug. 11 issue on Thursday and published the cover story on their homepage two days before.



Trump sits, rumpled and unimpressed, in a recliner, shirt stained, surrounded by fast food with a Coke in one hand and a TV remote in the other. "Lazy Boy" reads the headline and the sub-headline clarifies the image:

"Donald Trump is bored and tired. Imagine how bad he’d feel if he did any work.”

The cover mocks Trump's ignorance of his own job and pays homage to reports that the president is easily disinterested with national affairs. The Newsweek cover article touches on Trump's frequent weekend trips to his golf clubs and points out that he was back on the course months earlier than fellow golf lovers and former presidents, Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

After criticizing Obama for taking too much time off leading the nation to golf, on Friday Trump embarked on a 17 -day golf trip to his Bedminster resort in New Jersey.

As The Wrap put it: "The weekly has likely burned every bridge with its latest cover story — or more accurately, its latest brutal cover."

Trump's opponents are loving it though, and the Twitterverse quickly filled with snarky replies.







As user Trina pointed out, retaliation from Trump is imminent. In fact, the president should be taking a break from the very important act of golf and issuing a response anytime now.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters photographer David Moir

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