Indonesian Woman, Swept Out To Sea, Found Alive After 18 Months

The woman was unconscious but was alive and was wearing the same clothes she had worn when she went missing.


An Indonesian woman, who was swept out to sea some eighteen months back, was miraculously found alive at the same spot where she was lost.

Nining Sunarsih, 53, was washed away at the sea last year when she was on family holiday at Citepus Beach in Java, Indonesia. She was enjoying the waves and was bathing in the sea when suddenly a large wave came and took her away.

Her sister and grandson tried to rescue her but all efforts went in vain and in a matter of seconds Sunarsih vanished into the sea.

Police was called and after an investigation the 53-year-old woman was declared dead. Authorities initiated a search operation to recover her body, however, it was never found.

The search operation lasted several days but when no development was made and there was no sign Sunarsih, police closed the rescue operation.

Despite the fact that authorities declared the woman dead, her family never lost hope.

The woman’s father started having unusual dreams about his daughter last month. He saw that she was at the same beach and was waiting to be rescued. At first, he tried to ignore the dreams but when the dreams continued coming, he decided to travel to the beach along with his family.

They searched for Sunarsih for several hours and just when their hopes started fading they discovered the woman. She was unconscious but was alive and was wearing the same clothes she had worn when she went missing.

The family was overjoyed to find the 53-year-old alive and immediately took her home. After arriving home, they called medics who said Sunarsih was fine and had no major injuries.

“It is our duty to look for the facts of this event. We ask people not to be influenced by information that is not yet clear,” said Sukabumi City Police Chief Susatyo Purnomo.

The woman regained consciousness after a few hours of arriving home and was able to eat and drink. However, she is still unable to talk which means all the questions that her family has remain unanswered and her intriguing story of survival still remains unheard.

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