Nintendo's Newest Pokémon Looks A Lot Like A Certain GOP Hopeful

The presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has been compared with the strangest things. Now he can add a Pokemon to the list as well.



Even though each new generation of Pokémon released has a worse design compared with the one before it, Nintendo still refuses to pull the plug on it. But this time, it seems the company has created a Pokémon that finds itself with a not-so-enviable face of a certain GOP presidential candidate.

Nintendo’s newest addition to the Pokémon family is a small mongoose-like animal named as Yungoos. The loitering-type Pokémon has an insatiable appetite, unpleasant attitude, and “strong fangs, so it can crush and consume the hardest of objects,” according to the Pokemon Sun and Moon website. It also happens to have an uncanny similarity to Donald Trump.




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When you stop and make a comparison with Trump and Yungoos, you can actually see the eerie physical resemblance — the thatch of blond hair, for example. Besides, they both have small hands and apparently love to bare their teeth most times. Some social media users even think their bronze-hued complexion is alike.


While the fans of the hit anime series might find the comparison amusing, it seems Nintendo does not. In fact, the Pokemon subreddit put a warning at the top of the thread that contains the release info of Yungoo stating, “We all know it looks like Donald Trump, guys. Please stop posting about it — we don't allow political content here under Rule 11, and it falls under Rules 1 and 3 at this point as well.”

Nintendo might not be the only one offended about the similarity. Trump might not appreciate the association, either. Apparently, the Yungoo is an invasive, non-native species of the Alola region brought there to control the explosive population of certain other kinds of Pokémon — and for Trump, who has a definite dislike for immigrants who are “overrunning” America, this little pocket monster seems like a definite no-no.

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