NJ State Troopers Shoot 76-Year-Old Man After 911 Call Mix-Up

An elderly man was wounded during an exchange of gunfire with the New Jersey State Police when they raided the wrong address.

A New Jersey senior citizen is recovering in a hospital after state troopers shot him in a case gone horribly wrong.

Gerald Sykes, 76, and his wife were asleep at their Cumberland County home when their dog began barking. The husband went into the living room looked out through the French doors and saw the shadow of a person outside.

He went back into his bedroom to get his shotgun and yelled at his wife to call 911.

He apparently fired a shot at the “intruder” and there was an exchange of gunfire that critically wounded him.

According to authorities, Sykes fired his shotgun only once and there were four shots fired by New Jersey State Police trooper.

"Twice in the chest. Once in the groin. Collapsed lung. Internal bleeding," said Diana Lafalce, Sykes' stepdaughter.

The troopers ordered Sykes to come out of the house. His shirt soaked in blood, he had to be helped out by his wife. They then ordered him to lay face down on the ground and handcuffed him.

He was hospitalized in critical condition. He is now stable at Cooper University Hospital in Camden.

One of the two troopers on the location was grazed by either a flying glass or from Sykes' shotgun. He was treated and released from a hospital.

The events of the night are under investigation. Authorities say two state troopers mistakenly came to the home after being told it was the location of a 911 hang-up call.

Family friend and attorney Rich Kaser called the incident "a tragic mistake." There have been no charges filed in the case.

Banner image credit: Twitter, ‏@NJHerald

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