No Boys Allowed: Southwest Celebrates All-Female Flight Crew

In a series of tweets, Southwest Airlines honored an all-female crew that flew its brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft from St. Louis to San Francisco.

Southwest Airlines has reached a new milestone by completing its first totally “unmanned” flight.

The company shared pictures on Twitter Wednesday of the all-female flight crew posing together before takeoff. The flight was traveling from St. Louis to San Francisco, ABC News reports.

All four flight attendants, the captain, and the co-pilot were all women. However, Southwest noted in its tweets that this isn't the very first time they've had female pilots fly for them, but it is the first on their new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, which has only been in transit for a few weeks.

While data from the Federal Aviation Administration estimates that there are 39,187 active women airmen certificates being held, an entire crew of women is not something you hear of very often.

Southwest’s tweets took the internet by storm, with many followers commending the crew and the company for highlighting this empowering endeavor. 

In addition to this action being very progressive, it's simply refreshing to hear of an airline making headlines for something positive because lately it seems the "friendly" skies have been anything but friendly

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Dylan Ashe

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