Women Post Midnight Photos To Tell Politician: We #AintNoCinderella

“The girl should not have gone out at 12 in the night. Why was she driving so late in the night?” the area vice-president of the Bharatiya Janata party naively said.

A 29-year-old woman in India was almost kidnapped after being chased in her car late after midnight in New Delhi, India.

However, instead of voicing support for the victim, an Indian politician held her responsible for the nightmare.

Varnika Kundu shared her ordeal on Facebook, explaining how two stalkers had started chasing her car from a distance of some kilometers. They then drifted their car in front of Kundu’s and approached her vehicle on foot, beating the windows before trying to enter inside.

“They seemed to really be enjoying harassing a lone girl in the middle of the night, judging by how often their car swerved, just enough to scare me that it might hit me.”

Kundu said she felt lucky she was “not lying raped and murdered in a ditch somewhere.”

Now, it would be obvious to any normal person that Kundu was the victim of a crime. But for Ramveer Bhatti, she was the one responsible.

The area vice-president of the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) said the incident would not have happened had Kundu not been out late. “The girl should not have gone out at 12 in the night,” he said. “Why was she driving so late in the night? The atmosphere is not right. We need to take care of ourselves.”

“Parents must take care of their children. They shouldn’t allow them to roam at night. Children should come home on time, why stay out at night?” he told The Times of India.

So, basically, Bhatti suggested a time curfew for women traveling late at night. This assertion, for Kundu, was part of a “well-established tactic” designed to intimidate her into backing off.

“I’m supposed to be wondering about what this is going to do to my image and my life. But what would those guys have done to my life if they had caught me?" she told NDTV. “What I do and where I go and at what time I do it is my business.”

Thankfully, Kundu’s father rejected the useless criticism of his daughter out alone at night.

Bhatti’s shameless victim-shaming sparked an outrage on Twitter, where Indian women have started posting their late night selfies with the hash tag #AintNoCinderella.










Sharmistha Mukherjee, a politician from the opposition Congress Party, also joined in the no Cinderella brigade.


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